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Design Odyssey Internship - Hyundai KitKart by Komal G

Design Odyssey Internship's Goal is to nurture upcoming talent and share essential knowledge and skills to participants for their future endeavors in Automotive Design.

this year's program has been hugely successful and achieved results even with Virtual interactions. We really appreciate the Countless efforts by all the Participants and Mentors for the Past Three Months. It has been a fun-filled experience for all of us.

Here Participants have shared their project journey as they Experienced it. Starting With Hyundai India Design Studio Internship, Mentors tried to Simulate Virtual Studio with a seamless feedback loop & Environment by Creating a Group of participants Working alongside and competing for the best Results and sharing ideas & knowledge.


Have a Break: "Hyundai KitKart "

Future mobility is the next big thing for many, by creating a thing for both! Electric mobility for the parent, where it is used, for his daily commute and an electric kart for the kids

Assigned Brief

Bring Back the Fun and Excitement for the family to bond over a love for mobility. create memories and become part of their good times.

About the Project

Kit Kart Concept Nostalgia is the foundation of the concept since as kids we are attached to the cars or the brands that our family once owned, it becomes part of your memories growing up that

Assemble and have fun

The go-kart can only be powered when it's heart is attached, that is the personal mobility. This way it helps the father and the son build their bond as they look forward to attaching the mobilities together so both can spend time and create new memories with each day.

The KIT KART is a great gift a parent can give his child to excite him to looking forward to every evening so they can bond and have a recreational time and to excite him about the Hyundai brand as well!

-Design Odyssey

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