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Design Odyssey Internship - Hyundai CYNC'N by Madhav Dua

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Design Odyssey Internship's Goal is to nurture upcoming talent and share essential knowledge and skills to participants for their future endeavors in Automotive Design.

this years program has been hugely Successful and achieved results even with Virtual interactions. We really appreciate Countless efforts by all the Participants and Mentors for past Three Months. It has been fun filled Experience for all of us.

Here Participants have shared their project journey as they Experienced it.Starting With Hyundai India Design Studio Internship ,Mentors tried to Simulate Virtual Studio with seamless feedback loop & Environment by Creating Group of participants Working along side and competing for the best Results and sharing ideas & knowledge.


Are You Game : "Hyundai CYNC'N - Cyber Rally Simulator"

Owing to the Vaporware aesthetic, imagine playing a 70s game but in VR? A selection of arcade games with pixel environments to offer an alternate reality.

Assigned Brief

Combine N Rally Simulator & GAMING

About the Project

Kids today are increasingly exposed to a large variety of advanced gaming technology which includes VR headsets and AR environments. The intention is to combine the functionality provided by such advanced tech with the aesthetic of the arcade gaming arenas. Hence the 70s Aesthetics inspiration, combined with inspiration from the pixel graphism of the Hyundai Prophecy.


The inner cavity of the cube has the silhouette of a helmet to pay homage to the rallying division of Hyundai. As the user enters the simulator, VR is used to transport him to an environment much like the aesthetic of the Today Vaporware movement. The simulator consists of an exposed IP, a CPU core, and functional components being covered with translucent materials, to generate a direct connection between user and machine. The IP houses a cylindrical “emotion core” which receives steering input from the user and puts it on record, thus storing user emotions and responses while also analyzing it to generate even greater stimuli the next time. The seats are an extension of the inner silhouette of the cube from above. They are not fixed at the bottom and thus provide a pseudo - “free fall” motion to simulate offloading. Elevation through levitation.

The cube ain’t static in the Vaporware environment. It is a mesh consisting of several digitally generated cubes that come to life on the basis of the user’s emotions and input. The simulator hosts immersive duels between 2 players too, where your hand - eye coordination is complimented by the responses that the cubes generate. Brake too hard or steer too much? The cubes will imitate the motion. The simulator can further be excited into hyper drive, where the motion feedback by the seats is more intense. Owing to the 70s Vaporware aesthetic, imagine playing a 70s game but in VR? A selection of arcade games with pixel environments to offer an alternate reality. The seat weave consists of biological receptors interspersed around the vertebral region as well as the cranium, thus providing a body to simulator “syncing”.

-Design Odyssey

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