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Design Odyssey Internship - Peugeot OBSIDIENNE by Devansh Sharma

Design Odyssey Internship's Goal is to nurture upcoming talent and share essential knowledge and skills to participants for their future endeavors in Automotive Design.

this year's program has been hugely successful and achieved results even with Virtual interactions. We really appreciate the Countless efforts by all the Participants and Mentors for the Past Three Months. It has been a fun-filled experience for all of us.

Here Participants have shared their project journey as they Experienced it. Starting With Hyundai India Design Studio Internship, Mentors tried to Simulate Virtual Studio with a seamless feedback loop & Environment by Creating a Group of participants Working alongside and competing for the best Results and sharing ideas & knowledge.


Become one with the machine : "Peugeot OBSIDIENNE "

It Reflects your thoughts in the form of functions performed by the car by reading them right from the neurotransmitters of your brain in real time.

Assigned Brief

The Objective of the project which I developed with my mentor was to design a Hyper Advanced Interior for Peugeot Le Mans, dated in the year 2060. The core issue which is tackled in this project is How we can increase driver comfort and safety in the race for hours at a stretch and how will we eventually nullify Human Errors because of former.

About the Project

The Peugeot OBSIDIENNE concept is created to close the gap between the car and the driver. It connects both of them with help of a Neural Bridge which is powered by the Lithium- Titanate Batteries of the car.Think of it in this way, you are driving a vehicle, you are thinking what to do and controlling with your hands, feet and your senses, and then according to your physical actions your vehicle reacts. But what if, you are directly in contact with your vehicle mentally and all you have to do is, "Think of moving fast" will the vehicle.

The Interior is composed of contemporary yet sleek forms. Because the driver is the center of the interior system, the forms are converged towards the driver seat. The Steering Helve is electro-magnetically mounted on the dash, with no cluster and only vital information augmented on the center of the Steering, they altogether make a very unobtrusive composition. And behind the seat is the Neural Engine Guarded with Aluminum Copper composite guarding it as well as keeping it cool with Nitrogen induced nanotube.

Altogether, Obsidienne brings a revolutionary experience to the driver, where their mind becomes the controller not their hands


This Mentor ship has been an amazing journey for me, I graduated in July 2020 and

in August I found this opportunity to be able to work with Designers who are excelling

in this industry. An opportunity to get mentored and drive a design process with the People whom I look up to. I am always curious about how other people approach Design in general, and I got to know and learn so much from my mentor Mr.Chacko Abraham and my fellow co-Interns. Lastly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my mentor Mr. Chacko Abraham whose constant guidance and the knowledge imparted inspired me in, not only through these three months Mentor ship but design wisdom I can carry forward in my career.

I would also like to extend my gratefulness to the Mr.Pravin & Design Odyssey(Indian Car Designers)for this precious opportunity created for all the interns which was also a helping hand for the young design graduates in these difficult times.

Peace.- Devansh Sharma

-Design Odyssey

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