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Design Odyssey Internship - Studio 34 'Next Gen Omni 'by Shashank Shekhar

Design Odyssey Internship's Goal is to nurture upcoming talent and share essential knowledge and skills to participants for their future endeavors in Automotive Design.

this year's program has been hugely successful and achieved results even with Virtual interactions. We really appreciate the Countless efforts by all the Participants and Mentors for the Past Three Months. It has been a fun-filled experience for all of us.

Here Participants have shared their project journey as they Experienced it. Starting With Hyundai India Design Studio Internship, Mentors tried to Simulate Virtual Studio with a seamless feedback loop & Environment by Creating a Group of participants Working alongside and competing for the best Results and sharing ideas & knowledge.


An Icon Reborn: "Next Gen Omni "

Indian Automotive Market playing a part that could not have been played by any other vehicle. It is an ode to a family vehicle in almost every sense.

Assigned Brief

Next Gen Omni for india

About the Project

Through its lifespan we have seen it doing many duties apart from being just the family vehicle. It has stood and test of time and served as a school bus and an ambulance just to say the least. Not to forget, it has been the favourite villain vehicle in the movies and otherwise. At some point, it was nickamed,"the kidnapping van".

-Design Odyssey

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