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By Siddhesh Bhogale,

Duration: 3 Months

Hyundai Catapult , an Exterior Design Project completed under mentor ship of Hyundai India Design .

It is a proposal to escape the ordinary and to relive the joy of driving with an enhanced driving twist . Following Hyundai’s core principle of Empathetic approach , the vehicle promises to truly Wake one’s instincts ! or as said encourage one to “ Feel the feeling .” The Design features a blend of sensuality through line tensions and surface flow with sporty performance enhancing elements . The seamless vehicle volume is complimented with punchy graphics giving the vehicle a modern streamlined character . A remarkable Design expression being the representation of Hyundai symbol with line tensions forming the functionally quirky side profile of the vehicle .N specific Performance-enhancing elements , use of sporty textures, light weight materials and a specific streamlined helmet boosts aerodynamic capabilities and signifies the vehicle being inspired by the Passion of Performance N-line .

Siddhesh Bhogale: Text

Deep down, everyone possesses a pure desire for fun , speed . However, these desires are often constrained, forgotten as one gets trapped living in the ordinary. Following the initial brief of creating a fun driving experience and reliving the joy of driving through a compact, impact vehicle , The Hyundai Catapult was born.

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